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Conger-Elsea is poised to become your team partner and ready to improve your game; offering new and powerful, mission-critical skills training and certification that are acclaimed as the standard of excellence across all industries. The Conger-Elsea Advantage is enabled by its infrastructure, its people, processes, and systems. It is reality driven and relevant to your specific needs, providing YOU with all the knowledge and skills necessary to embed standards of excellence into YOUR organization.

Identifying, Analyzing, Evaluating and Advising on Matters of Risk.
On-Site Delivery – Private Classes

Conger-Elsea’s experienced Training Consultants will come to you. Register ten or more participants for any course and we’ll deliver and conduct the training curriculum on your home turf. Successful candidates and teams will be certified using the Conger-Elsea MORT tools / models that include proficiencies to:

  • Determine the root causes for accidents or incidents.
  • Resolve problems.
  • Mitigate risk.
  • Make ethical decisions regarding public and environmental safety.
  • Establish analytical processes that are essential for problem solving.
  • Implement proven analytic techniques for: (RCA) Root Cause Analysis, Incident and Accident Investigation, Safety and Safety Culture Assessment, Investigative Interviewing, Fault Tree Analysis, Change Analysis, Hazard-Barrier-Target Analysis, Events and Causal Factors Analysis, and the Conger-Elsea proprietary analytic tool – (MORT) Management Oversight and Risk Tree Analysis.
To request additional curriculum information, a workshop proposal or if you’d just like to talk shop, we’d love to hear from you. The Conger-Elsea Advantage is a comprehensive training concept with qualified instructors who have the tools and expertise known in many industries as “The Solution”.

Conger-Elsea … Your Solutions Partner.