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Conger-Elsea Training is carefully crafted to match your needs … Not a one-size-fits-all approach for YOUR training solutions. The specialized, C-E Team of industry-focused professionals develop and present rich applications of each clients business, always using a “hands-on” learning approach with realistic practice, real world issues, and relevant content.

  • (MORT) Management Oversight and Risk Tree
  • (RCA) Root Cause Analysis / Incident Investigation
  • (ACE) Apparent Cause Evaluation
  • (CAP) Corrective Action Program
  • Safety / Safety Culture Assessment
  • Regulatory Communication, Compliance & Education
  • Human Performance Improvement
Not a one-size-fits-all approach for YOUR training solutions
Training Classes
Training Classes
Training Classes

More than 18,000 industry-focused professionals, including the highest levels of investigative personnel in the government and private sectors, have successfully completed the Conger- Elsea training curriculum of our proven, systematic approach to root cause analysis and incident investigation. C-E has established strategic relationships with a host of U.S. and international clients where the truth, accuracy and fact-based analyses are critical and essential. Our clients have all partnered with our experience to add value, mitigate risk, enhance safety culture and improve the performance of their people and organizations. Conger-Elsea also conducts specialized training in the areas of human performance improvement, interpersonal skills, safety observation, behavior-based safety, and management assessments.

Conger-Elsea … Managing Risk. Enhancing Culture. Improving Performance.